Monday, November 15, 2021

NEW STORY - "Electric Pink" - COMING SOON

"Electric Pink"

I'm chuffed to have a new short story - "Electric Pink" - coming out soon in an anthology of gay male genre fiction, cross-genres, actually. 

**OKAY, the publisher has updated their official Publication Date and changed it to October 2022, so this post is now a bit premature . . . however, it will come out someday, one hopes**

PINK TRIANGLE RHAPSODY, edited by Andrew Wolter, will be published in late December 2021 October 2022, from Lycan Valley Press. Other authors appearing in this anthology include Hal Bodner, Jacob Budenz, Aaron Dries, Robert Dunbar, Ryan Field, David Gerrold, Darrell Grizzle, Greg Herren, Adrik Kemp, Corey Niles, Gregory Norris, Norman Prentiss, Rick R. Reed, Andrew Robertson, J. Daniel Stone, and Lee Thomas. Cover art by Joe Phillips. Interior art by Aaron Dries. You can pre-order from


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